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Non-profit organizations hire consultants for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, a consultant can bring a fresh set of ears/eyes and perspective on/to an issue. They also know best practices for non-profit organizations and can quickly put together a solution that will be valuable for their client. Hiring a consultant gives an organization the efficiency of having an expert for a short period of time, without the costs that go with hiring a permanent employee.


Envision It Together can help your organization with the following tasks, or others designed in consultation with you and your staff and/or board:

  • Marketing and marketing plans (including social media)
    • Public relations
    • Crisis communications
    • Public relations and marketing
  • Strategic planning
    • Mission/vision/values
    • Organizational goals and objectives
  • Board development
    • Governance
    • Roles and responsibilities of board members
    • Board/staff relationships
  • Grant writing
  • Facilitation
    • Conflict management
    • Organizational transitions
  • Volunteer management
    • Recruitment
    • Training
    • Supervision
  • Crisis preparation and management (public relations and/or disaster-related)
  • Disaster preparedness for organizations
  • Special events management


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As with consulting, it often makes sense for a non-profit organization or small business to hire a project-based writer. Someone with background and skills in writing is often difficult to find in a permanent employee, especially in smaller organizations that might need employees to have skills in many fields and not be able to concentrate only on the writing and marketing that is needed.
My professional training is in writing. My knowledge and skills can help your organization communicate across a wide variety of media and to a vast and varied audience. I have experience in the following types of writing (not a comprehensive list):

  • Grants
  • Public relations/marketing materials
    • News releases
    • Brochures
    • Web content
    • Social media content
    • Crisis management
  • Direct mail fundraising letters
  • Letters to the editor (on behalf of an organization)
  • Magazine article writing
  • Magazine editing
  • Ghostwriting
    • That means I write the copy for you and/or your organization, but my name doesn’t appear on it. It’s all about making you sound awesome.
    • This can range from writing public relations pieces to editorials to speeches to entire books (memoirs, etc.). If you want to write something but don’t think you have the ability/skill/time, I’m more than willing to help you. I have the skills to work with you to put together your words (in your voice) so you can share your knowledge/background/wisdom with people you care about, or people you hope to influence.
  • Speeches
    • With speeches, I have often been considered a “ghostwriter.” I have often put words in people’s mouths that have had audiences thinking the speeches truly were written by those who spoke the words. One client told me, “Wow, my wife didn’t realize I wasn’t the one who wrote the speech. You made me sound ‘just like me.’ That was awesome!”

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Coaching is a valuable way for individuals and organizations to move ahead in meeting their goals. A coach is NOT a counselor; rather, a coach helps a person visualize their next steps, then helps motivate them and keep them accountable. A coach:

  • Helps individuals meet their personal goals
  • Helps individuals overcome issues that are keeping them stuck
  • Helps individuals work toward a positive future, while helping them keep their personal values intact


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  • Presentations can be personalized for organization and by event.
  • Past presentations have included topics such as:
    • Social media = New media strategies
    • The role of non-profit organizations in disaster response and recovery
    • Benefits of volunteering, to the community and to the individual
    • Value of early childhood education
    • Grant-writing from a funder’s point of view
    • The benefits of learning how to embrace public speaking, and how to speak persuasively on topics that are meaningful to the speaker and their audience.


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Fees are based on a specific project and will be determined after a no-charge consultation. Fees are charged based on:

  • Expected outcomes
  • Amount of resources needed to develop project
  • Other factors that might influence development of project

Retainers or contracts might also be developed, depending on needs and desires of the client.

Grant-writing fees are based on the resources required to put together a proposal, as well as the amount of reporting required by the potential funder (and the amount of research required to find appropriate grants for a specific organization). It’s generally based on a per-hour amount. I never charge a commission or per-page fee. That’s not an ethical way to do business in the world of grant-writing.

For a no-charge, no-obligation consultation on any of these services, please contact me at or by phone at 507-313-3491.


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