Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here…


Envision It Together works closely with non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals to help them reach their goals and overcome challenges. I work together with organizations and individuals in a positive and forward-looking manner to make day-to-day operations and life a little easier, a little less complex.


I’ve always been passionate about building and improving the community through collaboration, partnerships and positive assistance.


It’s important to me to work with organizations and individuals, not for them. It’s only in working together that any of us can achieve our greatest potential. In non-profit organizations, this means clients are better-served, leading to a healthy community. For individuals, it means someone can listen to you and help you move forward, making a better life.


I look forward to working with you, to help turn your goals into reality, and to improve the lives of the people you care so much about.




Beth Forkner Moe, Chief Envisioning Officer